Boating Help & Advice + Links to Boating Supplier/Chandlery Sites/Training

1. Some valuable online pilotage guide for small craft - If you are planning on visiting any harbours then this guide is a very useful help to your planning. It covers most of the UK but the link following is for the Harbours of SW England. WEB Site:

2. Solving your marine sealing problems -Seals Direct Ltd supply rubber Edging Trim and have many other types of seals for marine windows plus all the following: Replacement seals for Lewmar Hatches & most types of latches & port-lights, Interscrews (captivated nuts & screws for fixing windows), Rubber & PVC Fenders, Aluminum profiles to hold fender inserts, White Sanitary Hose for marine toilets, PVC suction hose for bilge pumps, Exhaust pipe, Fuel pipe, Mast Sleeves (around collar on the deck). WEB Site:

3. Lifejackets and all personal safety 'MarineWarehouse' who specialise in all personal safety gear. Web  site:

4. Compare Boat Insurance - WEB Site:

5. Paints & antifouling - Everything you ever wanted -paints & antifouling can be found at this site. WEB Site:

6. Everything about Fibre Glass, Resin, Gel-coat etc - Fiberglass, Fillers, Resins, Gel-coat etc. The site also provides both User Guides and Projects that are very useful to provide guidance if you want to know more about boat repairs etc. WEB Site:

7. Rigging / Ropes & Wire Twine Supplier - WEB Site:

8. GPS & Chartplotters - Plymouth's SM Group has a big compendium of electronics equipment, illustrated + all prices including VAT. A great site for information to guide you in buying a GPS or Chart Plotter and associated equipment. WEB Site:

9. Knots & Ropes (help with tieing them) - These sites have animated sequences to show you how to tie the knots. WSEB Site: (best site ever for ropes & knots)

also see:

also see:

10. Leisure & Commercial Marine Electronic & Electrical Services - Pulse Marine Electronics offer installation, maintenance and repair of all electronic and electrical systems on board leisure and commercial vessels, including; Chart Plotter, Radar, Autopilot, Instruments, VHF & AIS, DC Circuits - Bilge/Water Pumps, Lighting & Audio/Video Systems, Battery/Charging Diagnostics and Monitoring Systems, Engine & Generator Electrics, Diesel Heating Systems. Email;

11. Boat & Yacht Transport - WEB Site:

12. Matting & Flooring Suppliers - The following are two Matting and Flooring Material suppliers.

WEB Site:

WEB Site:


14. Boat Spare Part Suppliers

Paint: -

Boat Names:

Upholstery/Covers etc:

Tarpaulins & Sheeting:

Bird Scarer's/Deterrents:


Engine Maintenance/Parts:

Engine Info/diagrams etc:

Boat tracking/positioning systems

If any members have suggested marine sites that may be of interest or help to other boaters, then please send the Web Address to:

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