Totnes Boating Association welcomes members, visiting boat owners, guests, families and dogs on leads to our Clubhouse. Our clubhouse bar is open for members every Friday and Sunday. Our club also has a very active social calendar including; barbecues, walks, charity events, theme nights, dinners and dances.
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21st August 2017

Totnes  Boating Association
Welcome to Totnes Boating Association
the friendly Boat Club on the beautiful River Dart

Totnes Boating Association is at the head of navigation on the beautiful River Dart, in the heart of historic Totnes with access to picture postcard villages, waterside pubs and cafes, creeks, beaches and, of course, Dartmouth and the breathtaking South Hams coastline beyond.

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A  useful list of the VHF Radio Channels for harbours etc in SW England can now be found by Clicking Here. (We hope you find it helpful)

The TBA needs to make its members aware that weekend trips out of the Dart are subject to weather and sea conditions being favourable, but above all each member is fully responsible in ensuring their boat and crew are up to making the passage, and to make their own passage plan for departure times etc.

Some terrific entries already starting to be sent in for this years  Photo Competition - take an action shot involving boats to win ‘Capture that boating moment’. Award & Prize will be awarded at the November AGM. Send your entries over the months to Pip at or just give them to him. If you are able to provide a caption all the better. (Competition ends 1st Nov)

NineTBA friends get together to cruise towards the west - Click Here to read a short report of how they got on. (Photos are starting to be loaded onto the Gallery - now includes some good shots from Ed of the Dolphins)

Would you be interested in Cruising with friends of the club in either sail or motor boats maybe next year then email:

Some great photos taken by Ed of the Dolphins around his boat while sailing west are on the Gallery BUT this video was sent in by Keith & Alex of one of the Dolphin’s they encountered on the same trip. CLICK HERE to view

For the live sea & weather conditions Call up your local NCI Watch Keepers on Chan 65 (also good for carrying out radio checks - local to us are Froward Point NCI and Prawle Point NCI they both monitor Chan 65)

Approved Exec Meeting Minutes for the 27th June are now found under Members Page/Executive Minutes (you need to sign/log in to read the minutes, so if you are going to Regatta then please come along to the Social Meeting)

Not  sure if you have already realised this but if you click on the Dartmouth Weather information then you can see more detailed information on Rainfall, Winds, Temperature & Clouds (these can be displayed on expanded charts and  for Winds you can get a chart that displays 3 days for the SW of England)

Are any TBA members going boating as we are not receiving any photos of your trips, mooring or just having fun messing about on the water. Please send into

TBA raises £163.36 at the RNLI Cake Stall - It was a great day and Isabelle, Cynthia & Julie busy selling all the cakes. Thank you to all members who either supplied cakes or donated funds.

Now how could anybody pass by these pleading eyes asking for funds for the Dart RNLI. Click Here to see who owns the eyes. Yes she raised a good sum including ½ doz doggy biscuits, which I believe might not have made it into the collecting box.

Leisure 23SL sailing boat for sale go to Members Adverts to view.

Liz Donaldson is selling her late fathers boat and is asking if anyone at the club or others who maybe interested in buying the yellow Egret 3 which is in our boat park. Liz is looking for £700 or a very good offer. (Email: )

Read the July ‘Dart RNLI Update’ giving details of two RNLI Exercises taking place over Regatta 2017 and the Amount raised at the July Fete. Click Here

IMPORTANT - VHF Channel changes from 6 September 2017 - The VHF channels HM Coastguard uses to broadcast Maritime Safety Information (MSI) and conduct radio medical advice are changing.
From mid-morning on Wednesday 6 September 2017 the Coastguard will no longer broadcast on VHF 23, 84 and 86. It will instead use 
VHF 62, 63 and 64. If you’re out on the water and don’t know which channel to listen to, MSI broadcasts will continue to be announced by the Coastguard on Channel 16. This announcement enables the mariner to establish which channel to monitor to receive the broadcast.

Is this a Bird, Plane or Superman? Not is a mean machine that you might have not seen before. Click Here to see.

This may be of interest if you have youngsters that may want to start boating - A successful first year for Royal Dart Youth Sailing Trust Click here to read

Above, enjoying a BBQ meal inside our clubhouse

While out cruising the Cornish Coast we spotted Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) latest boat.

We were invited aboard well not so invited as being Shanghaied as we really wanted to know what was kept in the two big barrels.Oh! to our disappointment we found only dried fish in one and the other a much better find of something rather alcoholic.

We believe they were leaving port very soon as they had heard of a boat called ‘Penny Lane’ that was rumoured to be of the Cornish coast